Solar Fire vs. TimePassages

Modified on Thu, 05 Oct 2023 at 08:15 AM

While it is true that Solar Fire and TimePassages are competitively priced, there is a world of difference between the two software. We have certain features that they do not and vice-versa, and the basic philosophy between the two is quite different. Astrograph stresses ease of use and the quickness and intuitive clarity of our user interface. We do not seek to provide all astrological techniques, whether of general interest or not, but rather seek to do a great job in allowing access to the key portions of Western Astrology that are truly useful, including our acclaimed interpretations, which Solar Fire cannot touch for reliability and accuracy.

Other features that we have that they do not: The House Margin of 1-5 degrees, where a planet conjunct the next house cusp is considered to be in the next house. This is optional, reflects the practice of many astrologers, and is particularly important when it is one of the four angles of the chart that is thus involved. Another feature is the Right-Mouse click (or Ctrl-Mouse for a single-button Mac mouse) on a transiting planet, which reveals the next station, date, and position. You have to go to a report within Solar Fire to get this information, if at all. The planet pop-up also reveals the transiting declinational aspects--parallels and contra-parallels--which are quite important and, to my knowledge, Solar Fire does not cover. In a natal chart, the natal parallels and contra-parallels are shown by the pop-up. 

We also have "transits to the House Ruler" by mouse click, which is an important part of any Western astrologer's toolbox, again, not covered by Solar Fire.

Regarding transit survey versus progressions, we do have the Transit Report listing transits with their date ranges (these dates are quite important and missing from Solar Fire) but have not made that same survey-style report available for progressions, which are best viewed as enhancing the transit picture. We do, of course, provide the progressed bi-wheel and also progressed and transit tri-wheel to natal positions, which can also be animated by time interval (another thing that Solar Fire cannot do). That said, a progressions survey--or adding the same to the transit survey--would, indeed, be valuable and is on the list for feature enhancements in the future.

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