Orb defaults for Transits

Modified on Thu, 05 Oct 2023 at 07:33 AM

If you can't see certain aspects in your transit chart, look at the transit in question and check the degree of transition and the degree of the natal.  If it's less than 2.2 degrees, then you won't see it.  
Please go to the Settings page within your phone app and click on About Aspect Orbs.
Orb defaults for transiting charts are:

Conjunction, 4
Opposition, 2
Trine, 2
Square, 2
Sextile, 2
Inconjunt, 1
Quintile, 1
Semi-sextile, 1
Semi-square, 1
Sesqiquadrate, 1
Bi-quintile, n/a
Septile, n/a

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